About Vidmate

For people who download videos often, Vidmate proves to be a big boon. It gets rid of the regular hassles one has searching and downloading videos. One has to visit the websites that give you the videos and find out your favorite videos. These hosting websites will also have their own restrictions. Do you wish to download 10-15 videos at the same time? And, are you sure that you are getting the best version of the videos?

How to Install

We can do speedy downloads with Vidmate. But, because it is a third party app (read, not by Google), your browser will block it due to the anti-virus protection you have installed in your device. You will have to “allow” the download.

  1. To do this, open Settings tab in your browser.
  2. Next, click on Security. Under this, you will find Device Management. Click it.
  3. Now choose the option Turn On Unknown Sources. Now, your device will allow the download.
  4. You will also see a warning – Blocked by Play Protect. Under this, you must click on Install Anyway. If you click OK, the download will get rejected.

You can download videos of music and films using this app. You can use it for both your phone downloads and PC downloads. It takes only a few minutes to get your download and begin viewing it.

Next, we will see what its features are, pros and cons, advaantages and how to use this app. Vidmate is a mobile app which allows users to download a variety of videos from hosting websites. But, you may also use the app on your PC. But, you cannot install Vidmate straight on your PC. You first have to create a virtual environment for Android on the PC. Now, you can run the app on your PC.

Features of Vidmate

  • There is an inbuilt search engine in Vidmate that allows users to search for videos using keywords. For instance, if you want to listen to Water Under the Bridge by Adele, you can search for the song by inputting the title.
  • Vidmate finds different versions of the video by searching all the sites that host it.
  • Use vidmate-download-2018.9apps.io to download Vidmate for your mobile. You will find a Download button for each of the video listings. You can press on this to download the video. But, there is more.
  • You get an option to choose the format in which you want the video. So, you may download your video in MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, and more formats.
  • You can also choose whether you want the HD version of the video or a low-quality version. Then, there is the choice for 360p or 1080p.
  • You can choose a faster downloading speed (or a regular speed) from the Settings All these features are available for the PC. So, download it on your PC and use the controls to download the videos the way you want them.
  • The app is most convenient if you have a preferred video player app. Suppose,if you want to play videos using VLC media player, then you must select AVI files. Choose AVI downloads as this will be suitable for the VLC player.

Pros and Cons in Vidmate


  • Among its plus points, Vidmate allows unlimited downloads.
  • It has support at more than a 1000 websites.
  • It is easy to convert downloads to MP3 or MP4 formats.
  • The quality of downloads does not get distorted.
  • The download process is simple and easy.
  • You don’t have to search for the individual links for download.
  • Download files bigger than 1GB in size.
  • It is free.
  • Download video in many formats.
  • You can download multiple videos at the same time.
  • Increase speed of the download in the Settings.
  • You don’t need a Google account to download the file.


  • The size of the file is big.
  • If the internet connection is slow, there are no speedy downloads.
  • We do not have video cutting and editing feature in this.

Advantages of Vidmate

  • It supports many websites including YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Facebook, and Tumblr.
  • You can download music and video from any site even if it has no streaming feature.
  • The Vidmate interface remains organized and neat. As you open the app, you see a neat list of the websites it supports. Click on the icon of the website and you can go through the videos posted on the website.
  • You can browse through the media without exiting Vidmate. You will have the interface of the main website from where you want your downloads. The Vidmate icon will be hovering in the background. When you have chosen the content you wish to download, you must press the icon, and this will start the download.
  • The other big advantage is that you can convert media you download to MP3 or MP4 formats. This means you don’t need any third-party app to convert your files.
  • You can control the quality of downloads, for instance, you can download 4k files as they are. Otherwise, change the speed settings to get the one you want.
  • Accessing downloads on your phone means you can operate it anywhere, at any time.
  • Using your computer for the download helps you download larger files. Download the video files (they get downloaded as separate files) and store them on your computer.
  • You don’t need the internet to play the files. Hence, there is no need for buffering nor do you suffer while watching the video due to slow connections.
  • You can download videos in any regional language.

While Vidmate is not available in the iOS platform, efforts are underway to make this provision possible.

Method of Using this App

Vidmate for Android phone

Vidmate is for the Android phone. The best way to download and use Vidmate is to download BlueStacks first. BlueStacks App Player is a recognized and widely-used emulator.

Vidmate for PC

You can run Android applications on your PC using this app. It allows you to download and use Vidmate without any hassles. It works for both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows platforms. Here are the steps for this.

  1. Download BlueStacks and install it on your PC.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded BlueStacks.
  3. Double Click it and it will begin to install.
  4. Wait until BlueStacks gets installed and run it like any other program on your PC.

BlueStacks has an inbuilt search function where you can find Vidmate. Find it and install it. After this, you can find Vidmate under the My Apps tab. When you want to download videos on your PC, you can use the controls and do so.

You can use the BlueStacks interface to find any Android app and install it. There are plenty of them out there that will prove useful to you.

Remember that all the Google apps are for the Android platform. You might have to spend some time to learn to use the app. But, once you do, it will become easy.

Vidmate for iPhone – This is not possible as of now because the Vidmate APK file is not featured in the Apple Store. Apple only allows featured developers. This might be because iOS is not open source like Android. So, while you can use “external sources” for downloading files in Android, you cannot do so in iOS.